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Wow man, I was talking to a friend of mine, knew me way back from the talkcity days. One of the very short list that I consider a friend and treat with respect though I haven't met em, only on-line. Erin, er Amanda, er whatever her name is now a days, actally introduced us on TalkCity a long ass time ago. Anyways, he asked me if I've been around TalkCity latly, of course I haven't, but it still got me thinking of the old days. It was weird thinkin about everyone from back from those days. Like Bill, Leeann, Ashly, Erin er whatever, Mike, Jen, Amber, Bec, and all the rest that I remember, but can't think of dere names. Its like wow, so fucking long ago. I think the last time I showed my face around TalkCity was like in 99 maybe.

Those times were hell, but I wouldn't change a damn thing if I had the chance to do everything over, I would do everything the same way as I did it. Even though I think most of the people from those days prob hate me more den anything =), to all dere own. Hell, no names, but dere are afew people I don't blame for hating me. Some of the things I've said or done to people have been outa line, yes. But lets face it, no one gave a shit about me, in those days anyways. Of course alot of em would pretend, but bullshit. I havent heard a peep outa anyone from those days other den Bill, and I'm sure I'm on his "Top 5 people to kill when I go nuts" list.

I am admittingly going to say though, that I do miss chatting with afew people from those days though, but I sure as hell ain't gonna even try to talk to anyone from those days really, cause I have no idea who I've pissed off or who has gotten over it, or who thinks I'm pissed at them. But if anyone that sees this from the old days wants to IM me and chit-chat, feel free, fresh start, no hard feelings on either end. My AIM name is YxY Ash YxY and Yahoo name is Ash_213. Feel free to hit me up sometime. If I don't answer, dont get all butt hurt about it, I'm either at work, sleeping, playing hockey or just plain out, and I'll get back to ya.

Well I've type enough. Peace out all
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