Ash (newjerseyash) wrote,

Well shit

Here be another up-date by me. I just got back home, had a hell of a night with lots of weed and lots of southernComfort. I be like chillin an shit right now. Thinkin bout smoking abit more. Matter of fact I think I will.

Ahh, that's better. Well alot has happend in the world of Ash. Went to Vegas for my 21st which ROCKED. This Birthday was so much more better den my last birthday. Ah, I'm like the fuckin walkin reason why not to kill yourself. Life was so fucked up at this time last year. Now things could not be any better. Well they could, but yea. Let me get back to Vegas. First night sucked, even though me and my buddy Dopey were getting comped for free drinks everywhere we went, and I won about $300. I was kinda depressed because no one called to wish me a happy birthday, well one friend did. I can understand why noone did. I was in Vegas, and no one wanted to bug me. But I guess I was just a depressed drunk that night.

Second night, I lost about $800, but had the fucking funnest time. Got to live out a childhood dream, of watching bikini mud wrestling. It was fun as hell. I was so shit faced though. But good times, good times. I also kicked back with my buddy Ron that moved out dere about 4months ago. So that was fun seeing him again. Got more shitfaced and talked to the coolest bartender for awhile. Next day was the leaving day. so it wasnt that fun. Got home, rested the rest of that day and da next day I go out to Gameworks with my friend Drew. We had 3 kamakazies, Zombie, Birthday shot (151Rum Pepshnabs) Car bomb (Beer that you chug with a shot of your choice in it. We got a Southern Peach shot in it) and a Jack The Ripper drink that had to of had everthing known to man in it. So I was pretty smashed. Never been drunker in my life.

So we're smashed and go outside to smoke a cig and wait for Drew girlfriend. This girl I know calls me to imform me that the ducks beat the Sharks. For starters, it's a post season game, so I don't care. BUT ANYWAYS. We talked fer awhile about, I dunno what (Still won't admit it =P) but that lasted awhile cause my phone went dead. Um, nothing really happened since. So yea. Very interesting times man.

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