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So. Yea, shit has been pretty weird latly. Just I dunno how to explain it to tell you the truth. I've felt really bad as of late, been having some really strange dreams. They are like something you'd see on a Twilight Zone ep or some shit. I also have this very very bad gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. Like something just isn't right, kinda the same feeling I had when I got chased and almost killed on the freeway. To top it all off though, like so many weird things have been happening. Like my friend dieing in that car reck, another friend of mine was in a car reck, and another and my coach was in one too. Among alot of other weird things happening. Like my breaks went completly out last week. I mean, no stopping what so ever without the E break. But den they started working again, and I couldnt find a damn problem with them.

I dunno, you ever get that feeling that you're being lied to. You know what I mean? Like that weird feeling? Well I have that feeling like 24/7 now. My friends are acting so fucking weird too now. Its crazy. I dunno if they are acting weird or if it's just me, but they seem like totally different people. Like one of my friends yesterday. I so much needed someone to talk to, so I call one of my best friends to see if I could come over and talk for about 10mins, and he fucking rejected me. Just flat out said no. I'm still in shock from that one. Among everyone I know, I thought he'd be the last one to refuse helping me. It's so weird though, cause it always seems when someone I know has a problem, I am the first person they come to. But when I have a problem, no one is having it. Maybe its just me, maybe I am just going fuckin bonkers. I dunno. But everything really is starting to scare me though.
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