Ash (newjerseyash) wrote,

Woo Ya

Welp my team won again tonight. 4-7. Don't let the score fool you, it was a rather close game for most part. I stood on my head and stoped about 8-10 shots in the first and we scored 3 goals, second period we got a goalie, den they scored 3 unanswered goals. The first one, the puck bounced over my stick and leg pad. (DAMN ICE) Second one I blocked the first shot with my leg pad that was taken glove side and it went right to one of the Leafs sticks, and defence didnt do shit and he ran a raparound. It was close and I thought I had it, but it ended up I didnt. The third one was scored because my defence thought they should leave the Leafs best player wide open for the pass on the other side of the net, and well, he scored. after that it was 3-4 but in the third we scored 3 more and they got one other goal on a power-play... Great game though all the way to the last 10mins.

I feel good this season. I know I'm finally gonna break my curse of not being able to make play-offs. My teams record now is 4-2 and my record (Having missed 2 games) is 3-1 and I havent lost my last 3 games played. So I feel we're gonna atlest make play-offs if I can keep this hot streak up. Although I do give credit where credit is due. My offense won the last game we played. With the final score being 7-8 it sure the hell wasnt me that helped any, although I do believe I made some key saves, and I defense was nowhere to be found that night.. But if the Sharks loose tomorrow, we will be tied for first place. Meaning we're gonna be stack against.. Oh well.

Also I do owe a thank you to my good luck charm.. Even though you wernt dere =P.

Peace out people,
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Buddy please, what I got can be felt for miiiiles. Comprende? :D
Lol, comprende... And yes, it shows that you can be felt for miles. =P