Ash (newjerseyash) wrote,


Well peeps, it's me again, bad happening on this end, some pretty bad shit as a matter of fact. You all know I dont like to get to personal on here, but. Just trust me when I say I haven't been this fuckin sad and depressed for almost 10 years. But atlest this time I have a bottle in front of me and I do plan on hitting it. To some of the close people I talk to, they know why the death of M. Stover made me so peranoid for awhile, and this just. I dunno. DOES NOT HELP ME ANY

But why is it when someone needs my help, they're always around, but when I need someone, they are nowhere around?

Same as when Mike died, only a handful of people around. Well I am rather sick of it. Back to the bottle. Peace
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