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Just another up-date. I lack from sleep major right now. Was out to late for my own good last night. Me and my homie rented a limo last night to go out with my g/f and his wife. Great night, had lots of fun and it was great seein Char, cause I've been sick and it had been a week since we seen eachother, so no regrets dere. But I had to go to some 6 hour class for my dealers lisence (ONCE AGAIN MIND YOU, I'VE DONE IT BEFORE =() which started at 8, and my ride wanted to get dere hella early, so I ended up having to wake up at 6. So I got home at 2 and didnt get to sleep till like 4 because I'm still a bit sick and had a coughing fit last night. Goin back to the doc tomorrow for a check-up, cause I've still got that damn cough and my ears are kinda plugged still.

Well, my team made play-offs, but I couldnt play cause I got real sick (Thanks again Char =P) anyways, they got knocked out firswt round, from what I heard they were up 4-1 in the 3rd and den blew it 4-6 final, Bruins. The team I NEVER loose to. Oh well, I hated the Kings anyways. I wanted to get traded, dunno whats goin on, might not play that leauge anymore. Its too poorly ran and set. He knows who is going to make and win play-offs, the start of the season, and I dont like that.

Anyways, I am gonna go lay down, just thought I would leave a little up-date.

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