Ash (newjerseyash) wrote,


Yea, so. I really dont have anything to say in an up-date but I am bored and can't help but wasting even more of my time typing here. Right now I look like a fuckin tomato, my face is so damn red because of the auctuon today. Which yet again, I got NOTHING! But dere is always Tuesday I suppose... *Shrugs*

Things have just been, I dunno. I wanna say bad, horrible, ect. but I dont think any of those words really do match. I dunno which way I am going, how I am going to get dere or if anyone is gonna help me get dere. I dunno. Normally when things are shitty, its either my health or my mind. Now both are shot. My heath is how you say, not to great right now, and mentally, well lets just say it seems everyone just wants to add to my stress, unease and security, den try to help me. As for my health, I just keep gettin sick, dere is no reason for this. I think I have something wrong with me, but none of the doctors seem to really care. I'm going back Saturday to see a doc. Maybe I can demand help..
Ahh, I dunt wanna type anymore.
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