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16 September
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Ok, lets see here. A little mini bio about me? Well, I guess I'll explain the name. I picked this up afew years back because of the New Jersey Devils. They are my fav hockey team. I play Hockey any chance I get really. I play the nets, which means I am a goalie. I've been playin goalie now for about 3 years, and not to long ago joined a league. Hoping this season we'll make play-offs, matter of fact I know we will this season(I'm 0-2 so far with play-offs, but I'm damn hot this season if I may say so myself, so I'm going to take my damn team to the play-offs =)). I work at an ice rink, yes not really a dream job, but hell, I getta sit there, stair off into space and get paid enough to pay my rent/bills and have some pocket change, and get all the free ice I can stand, so it is a good job IMO =). I use to goto Mt. Baldy alot and chill up there and check out the stars and shit, but haven't really been up to it latly.

I'm into horror movies, that's where I got the name "Ash" from Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. I Dont like the trendy horror flicks like, Scream and I know What you did last summer. I like the ones like Childs Play, Shocker, Texas Chainsaw, to list a very few. Some people like StarTrek, some like Star Wars, I am more of a Dune fan myself when it comes to the "Si-fi best flick war" David Lynch (One of the greatest directors mind you) did one hell of a job making it a movie, I dont care what anyone says. You try taking something as confusing as the dude saga and make a 2 hour movie about it and see what happens...

I pretty much like all types of music, to name some bands, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Billy Idol, Dean Martin, Bad Religion, Jonny Cash, Last Emperor, Pulp, The White Strips, The Strokes, Aqua, Nat King Cole, Bing Crosby, Twisted Sister, David Bowie, The Cure, The Mamas and Papas, The Doors, Tool, NIN, . Those are a very few of the bands I like, I pretty much like anything that has a good sound.

Anyway, I am gonna stop writing now. I hardly ever up-date my journal, but yer more den welcome to put me as a friend, and I'll be glad to repay the favor.


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