Ash (newjerseyash) wrote,

In loving memorie.

Hey guys. I know it has been awhile since I've posted, but I wanted to post this.

A Hockey friend of mine died Monday the 11th in a car reck. He was ejected from the flipping car ans was badly injured. He was anounced dead about 11 hours later do to head trama.
Michael was only 14 years old, but was one of the nicest kids and greatest hockey players I have ever met, and really had a bright future in the game.

But this sad tragic happening has really opened my eyes alot. I will no longer take anything or one for granted. Considering my last words to Michael were "I'll see ya later dude, I'm sure of it" while I was locking up the rink...

Well to everyone, I am sorry most of us have lost touch and I would really like to change that. Please IM me when you have a chance. If I am around, I will not ignore you.

Peace to everyone. Be safe
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