Ash (newjerseyash) wrote,


I'm getting tired of this shit. Is this all life is really about? Go about our day untill we die. Have our world crumble down on us in a matter of seconds? Something that everyone spends so much time on, and poof, it's all over in a matter of seconds? That's just not fair. It's sick, and it's fucked up, and some how it always seems to happen to the nice people.

Another passing in the family. My cuz William. Dunno how, just heard from my dad about it, and he read it in the paper, so not much is known. He was one of the few good ones on my moms side of the family, and only 36 years old. Everyone is dropping like flys, and this opens up yet another door way. Of everything comes in 3, he will be the first and now I will be in total fear of who the next two will be in the year to come.
It always goes like this. Someone I know and care about, someone I hardly knew, and someone that has been a big part of my life and I cared for deeply.

I dunno, I hope I am wrong about my three deal, but 3 outa 3 are pretty good odds. Which is sad considering now I've known 10 people that have passed, and it isn't going to stop.

Just when I start pulling myself back up, I drop all the way to the bottom again. I don't even want to think about the next two...
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